Friday, September 7, 2012

Rain soaked but enthusiastic

Wow, what a night. Marlene got soaked in the rain! But then she enjoyed an awesome watch party with many enthusiast Dems from all walks of life.

 Judy was in the arena! It was more than exciting! Jennifer Gramholm of Michigan gave a first hand account of all the jobs President Obama saved in the auto industry. She was awesome! Then came the main event, Jill & Joe Biden and then the first lady introduced her husband, our President, Barack Obama. The President was worth the 8 and a half hours I spent waiting in the arena. He spoke from the heart and showed his love for this country and all of its people. I can't wait till his next inauguration.

 Now its time to go home and work hard to re-elect President Obama!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Congressman John Lewis just vividly reminded us of the importance of voting. We fought for this right. VOTE!
How sweet it is at the DNC! Thank you James Taylor.

Not deterred by the weather

Charlotte is beautiful and its people are friendly, but it's humid, rainy weather has forced the campaign to move tonight's events to a smaller, indoor forum. This change means that thousands of people, like Marlene, who had tickets, will not be able to attend. People are taking it in stride and  finding watch parties for tonight. We are not deterred. We are fired up! Ready to go!

Passing great travelers

Wed. night Elizabeth Warren warmed up the crowd for President Clinton. Clinton gave an impassioned speech contrasting the Obama/Biden platform from the Republican platform. Clinton explained and clarified that President Obama did not take money out of Medicare! The crowd went crazy when President Obama came on stage to thank President Clinton. Our travel back to the hotel was delayed for the passing of VP Biden's motorcade. Biden is staying in on of our PA delegate's hotels.

I just watched Marc Anthony rehearse the National Anthem.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

An impressive speech

The First Lady's speech last night was awesome. She spoke with emotion and shared her personal insight into the President's character.  Marlene and I just heard the first lady speak AGAIN, in a much more intimate setting at the African American Caucus meeting.  She was inspiring once again. Michael Nutter is speaking now and Jesse Jackson will speak next!